Little Information about GFW (Great Firewall)

Little Information about GFW (Great Firewall)

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Map of the Chinese Internet

China, the most populous country in the world, has it’s own thriving online communities and purpose-built websites, due to the Great Firewall and the need for state control over the wires.

China is the most populous country in the world. And it has a very diverse userbase. Their internet systems are also brand new and designed from scratch, so it avoids the cruft of most things. And of course, they have their own internet social networks because of the Great Firewall, which blocks Facebook and Twitter.

This is based on a report by a Chinese Internet user in the US on 10/9/2015. Things may have changed since then.

700 Coalition Attack – Fight Against the Bootleg Kancolle

In this

Baidu even ended up going back on their ideals and held an election for the next administrator: which of course, had some vote rigging, but still brought back the original admin.

In this case, there was no law against the bootleggers, so the people took the law into their own hands while the authorities turned a blind eye.


  • Baidu –

2channel / 4chan Style Anonymous Boards

Anonymous discussion boards are quite useful when your reputation is on the line.

Some of the Imageboards don’t even need images to be posted on the OPs. What a culture shock.

  • ACFun – Anonymous board using a modified version of Futallaby, or possibly kusaba. A strange case of parallel evolution.

Email Services

The email address is the keystone service for account authentication.

  • – Gives you a qq id number. It’s like Yahoo Mail, it dominates.
  • (NetEase) – Similar to Hotmail in the US, a bit of an other system.

Blogging Systems

  • Large Blogs – Proper blogs where people put up their journals.
    • QQ Blog – A “private space” for posting journal. Like Livejournal. It seems like it has now adopted the Weibo design, and a REST API that allows a mobile app with similar look to Weibo.
  • Microblogs – Rumor blogs that are similar to Matome Blogs. Effectively works over Weibo systems.

Video Systems

  • Youku – A YouTube clone. They make their money by buying up soap operas. Tudou has merged with it.
  • BiliBili – A Nicovideo clone. Gives you nico-style comments and anime focus. They paid for the copyright from Japan, to get HD without premium. Makes money from ads to a mass audience.
    • Livestreaming – Also allows bootleg livestreams for animu watching or LoL gaming
    • BiliBili Coins 硬幣 – The site attempts to raise money by donations to gain copyright for animu.
    • Nico-style Festivals – Big festivals celebrating culture.
  • Douyu – Equivalent of in China. However, it has Nicocomments. Gaming Livestreams and whatnot. Link It seems to have significantly higher quality and better resources than most livestreaming systems in the West. Probably because it is responsible for eSports livestreams?
    • Some of them have English gaming events with real time Chinese translations.
    • Hires hot women to service, it’s a commercial service

Social Networks

  • qq – Some kind of instant messaging/video chat system (that seems like Skype), set up by Tencent. It seems to give out “email-style addresses” which function as the keystone system of account identification
    • It has a powerful system for taking screenshots, rather than you having to rely on your own tool.
    • QQ requires a computer and thus an internet bar.
    • Most people are moving to weixin now, it’s convenient on phone, also made on the same computer.
    • Group voice chat and video chat is possible.
  • Sina Weibo – A short message news system similar to Twitter. 140 characters only. It also is able to leave comments and repost.
    • There used to be a netease weibo, but that failed. Other competitors existed, but Sina dominated.
    • it sometimes is more useful to search directly for topics on weibo.

Mobile BBS

  • Baidu Tieba – Modern REST API system that has interfaces for both online and mobile access. A very advanced mass user group that focuses on Special interest Boards. The OP can often introduce a link or photo or self post to share.
    • Can be compared to reddit, or Something Awful.
  • tianya 天涯
  • maopu 貓撲

Group Messaging Apps

  • WeChat – A Tencent designed system designed for mobile systems. For some reason they did not choose to port QQ over to mobile systems. Probably due to the intracies of mobile data. But as a competitor to Line, it seems very successful.
    • WeChat has mobile payment methods, and is somewhat better integrated.

Foreign Services

Some foreign services are not banned and the Chinese people are perfectly capable of using them. Of course, the limiting factor for continuous Chinese presence is a Mandarin translation, and local assistance. Still, some services are heavily used by a seg.netment of the Chinese community.

  • Pixiv – There are a lot of great Chinese anime artists, such as Ideolo. Thankfully, you can find them via Pixiv.
  • 半次元 – Platform for ACG fans to post cosplay, paintings, novels. Similar to pixiv.

Q&A Forums

Forums specifically tuned to answer questions about a certain set of topics (like Quora?). It was originally meant for answering higher education topics, but now is a place for “showing off”, in the words of The Navigator.

  • Zihu知乎 – Advanced questions about knowledge.
  • Baidu Zhidao – Easy questions.
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