Who is Tsai Ing-wen

Who is Tsai Ing-wen

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<h2>Tsai Ing-wen</h2> President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-wen is a Taiwanese politician currently serving as the President of the Republic of China, commonly referred to as Taiwan. Tsai is the second president from Democratic Progressive Party . Here is a interesting Q&A for her: Q: <blockquote> <div id=”eHnrak”> <div class=”question_text_edit”> <h3 class=”_type_serif_title_large”><span id=”rZrngJ”><span id=”__w2_d12kjzf_question_text” class=”QuestionText”><span class=”rendered_qtext”>Will Cai Yingwen become the next ROC president?</span></span></span></h3> </div> </div> <div id=”qhqEAL”> <div class=”question_details”> <div id=”__w2_YFmzERb_text” class=”question_details_text inline_editor_content”><span class=”rendered_qtext”>Many Western journalists, expat bloggers, and experts seem to be convinced that Cai Yingwen will make it this time – but the same people did predict/suggest something similar the last time. The Taiwanese here in the South of the ROC with whom I’ve spoken can’t really relate to Ms. Cai and would strongly prefer other DPP candidates. What do you think?</span></div> </div> </div></blockquote> <div class=”question_details_text inline_editor_content”>A:</div> <blockquote> <div class=”question_details_text inline_editor_content”><span class=”rendered_qtext”>It’s hers to lose. Those that predicted her to win last time are hard core fanatics, you know, the same type of people that believe in conspiracy theory and how their opposing party is the all made up of devils and fake voters or idiots or vote sellers, there’s always some of those with any political faction, granted, expats who go out their way to make their political opinions known in Taiwan are generally going to support the DPP for various reasons. She will win because the KMT is a mess right now, Ma’s attempt to reform the party blew up in his face and now it’s basically a party in shambles, and he Americans’ have also shifted their policy on Taiwan anyway. (in 08 -12, they were basically favoring sides that would be as nice with China as possible, now it’s shifting away from that very quickly.) I feel Tsai is a pretty weak candidate, but then again she’s basically a female version of the current President so ….</span></div></blockquote> <div class=”question_details_text inline_editor_content”></div> <div class=”question_details_text inline_editor_content”>-end-</div>  

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